Puppy Season

Cooper Lory CCooper Lory C (2)

Spring must be just around the corner, already I’m beginning to get requests to help families get their new puppy off to a great start and learn their foundation skills and manners. The first 20 weeks of puppy’s life is a critical learning period with many changes and rapid development.  Many puppy owners have learned about the need to socialize the puppy but have not learned how to appropriately introduce their new puppy to new situations and things. Understanding how to socialize the puppy is very important. During this time of development puppies experience fear periods. Socializing a puppy in their comfort zone with lots of positive experiences builds a confident dog. Another Piece of the Puzzle: Puppy Development by Pat Hastings and Erin Ann Rouse is a great resource for those thinking about getting a puppy, current owners and breeders

Suzanne Clothier has written

From the best puppy raising dogs I’ve known, here are a few pointers for humans trying to raise a puppy: 

• Tolerate puppies – they know not what they do

• Teach puppies – they know not what to do

• Be consistent with puppies – they forget things quickly

• Keep lessons short – puppies are easily distracted

• Puppies need to play – that why puppies are born in litters

• Good social skills & manners are made, not born

• Remember that puppy permits have expiration dates

• Don’t wait till the puppy has stolen your bone to teach

him about manners

• Be careful what you teach a puppy – someday, he might

be in charge

• Tired puppies are always good puppies


Suzanne Clothier: The Articles. It Takes a Pack to Raise a Puppy


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