KPA Photos 086

After completing the Karen Pryor Academy I began Russ Hollier Dog Training in January 2010. My training methods are force free and based on positive reinforcement. I teach a of method training developed by Karen Pryor called Clicker Training and make use of body work, wraps, and confidence building consistent with the principles of Tellington Touch.

In June of 2013 the Canine Class Room was opened at 411 Taughannock Boulevard Ithaca New York. Services provided in the class room include Puppy Classes, Puppy Playground and Foundations. seminars and workshops will also be held throughout the year,

Private in-home training and behavior modification will continue to be our core service for individuals who prefer individualized training and dogs with behavior problems.

To learn more please see the About Russ page of my website.

The German Shepherd Dog in the photo above is Joseph, the eleventh dog that I raised for Guiding Eyes for the Blind. Joseph trained with me throughout the Karen Pryor Academy, successfully completed the GEB puppy raising program and is a stud dog for GEB. Joseph was an amazing dog to have had the opportunity to work with and he has traveled to Great Britain and made his contribution to their guide dog school. He now lives with his foster family near Yorktown Heights NY.


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