The Twins Tiers Chapter of Pets For Vets has begun to interview local veterans that have applied for a companion dog, Appropriate dogs are selected from shelters that match the needs of the veteran. Each dog is then placed with a foster family for approximately six weeks for adjustment from the shelter and training. Foster families have the support of professional trainers.

Please consider giving back to a veteran that has served our country.  Volunteer Application Click Here


A whole year has gone by!

The lack of attention and new posts to my blog for over a year is testimony to how busy Russ Hollier Dog Training has been. I am grateful to all my clients and their companions that have made this past year so successful.

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A few highlights form the past year include my attendance at two workshops by Suzanne Clothier on the selection, care and training for therapy dogs and also a workshop on working with the adolescent dog.

I am collaborating with Mary Hirshfeld and Stray Haven Animal Society and SPCA in Waverly New York. Stray Haven is now the home of the Twin Tiers Chapter of Pets For Vets .

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The Pets for Vets program is dedicated to supporting veterans and providing a second chance for shelter pets by rescuing, training and pairing them with America’s veterans who could benefit from a companion animal.

I have added weight pulling for behavior management as a new service for high energy and unfocused dogs. Either with a cart or on snow with a sled weight pulling (noncompetitive) can be a fun activity for you and your high energy dog that may have difficulty focusing.

I am looking forward to posting more often as time allows, thank to all of you who have supported Russ hollier Dog Training.

New Classes Begin September

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“Classes are so much fun and wow did we get tired out”


New Classes Begin In September

Foundations Class / Beginner Obedience                  September 14      1:00 PM
Puppy Class                                                                      September 14      2:00 PM
Canine Good Citizen Prep Class                                  September 14       3:00 PM
Pack Walk Class                                                              September 21       9:00 AM  (time may occasionally change)

Contact Russ now at rhollier@twcny.rr.com  for details and schedule a free orientation (required if you have not attended a previous class).

Other Services Available

  • Confidence Course  for anxious dogs
  • Intro to Nose Work
  • Intro to Agility
  • Private In-home training or in the Class Room
  • Specialized services for reactive and anxious dogs

Returning In January

  • Small Dog Play Group

Fearful and Anxious Dogs

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I currently have several clients with dogs with severe cases of fearfulness. The fear is expressed with reactivity to dogs, people and things resulting in withdrawal and or aggression. These are challenging cases and very stressful for the dog’s owner. Progress is often slow and requires behavior modification, alternative interventions as well as pharmacological treatment by a veterinarian. Often the dogs anxiety can be explained by poor socialization, abuse and neglect however fear can manifest itself in dogs without traumatic histories. This article explores maternal transmission of fear in humans that may explain why some puppies inherit anxiety and the behaviors that go with it.

There is space available for one dog to enroll in Foundations Class on Thursday Night


In Foundations Class dogs will focus on giving attention, offering positive behaviors, responding to a cue and building self-control. Behaviors that dogs will learn are settling on a mat, loose lead walking, recall, sit/stay, down/stay while building duration of behaviors and  working at a distance from the handler and with moderate distractions.

People will learn leash and clicker mechanics, using reinforcement rather than correction, cues rather than commands, observing your dog, day-to-day applications of basic obedience skills. Small class size maximum of 4.

Contact Russ now at 607-539-6593 or by email rhollier@twcny.rr.com to enroll and schedule a free pre-class orientation.