Confidence Course

The Confidence Course or Play Ground for Higher Learning

What is the Purpose of the Confidence Course?
The Confidence Course is designed for anxious and fearful dogs that lack focus and concentration.

The Confidence Course or groundwork exercises (also known as the playground for higher learning) is a series of obstacles which helps a dog to focus, improves concentration, and balance (physical and mental).
The Confidence Course promotes connection, cooperation, trust and strengthens the relationship between the person and dog. It is a new alternative to traditional dog training and has been proven to significantly change undesirable habits and behavioral issues, and is something you and our dog will enjoy.

The obstacles include a Labyrinth which improves mobility and co-ordination; various surfaces for increased awareness; the Ladder, Star Cone, Wobble Board, Wobble Plank, Balance Perch, Low Dog Walk, low jumps and steps to promote awareness and focus.

Unlike competing on an agility course, the dog is taken around slowly to encourage concentration, balance and to promote thinking. The groundwork exercises also teach a dog to concentrate on its owner with subtle signals given on the leash, building connection and communication.

The course allows a dog to have new experiences in a safe environment and thereby helps him to overcome behavioral issues such as fears and timidity. It is unlike any other dog training technique.

Physically this training makes a dog more agile, supple and balanced, and is especially beneficial for older dogs or those with arthritis who cannot exercise a great deal or participate in traditional dog training methods.

The Confidence Course is used as an integral part of a complete and holistic behavioral training program for anxious and fearful dogs.

Elements of the Confidence Course are used during Puppy Playground sessions, where puppies are free to explore and interact with the obstacles within their own comfort level.

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