Foundations Class for Dogs of Any Age

Foundation Classes
Foundation classes are for dogs or all ages and focuses on the everyday skills your dog needs. Giving attention to their person is the most important skill a dog can learn. People will learn how to use positive reinforcement to build a strong working relationship with their dog.

Foundation Classes are individually paced.
No Waiting! You may begin class anytime following orientation.
Don’t worry if you miss a class! Your package of classes is based on a number of weeks, you may attend as many of the available class sessions as you would like each week during the period of time you are registered for. Open classes will be held at least twice each week. Just let us know at least 24 hours a head that you would like to attend class.
Small Class Size! Maximum class size is four. Training will be fun.

Foundation Skills for Dogs
Giving Attention Offering Positive Behaviors Responding to a Cue Targeting
Self Control

Foundation Skills for People
How to use the clicker Using reinforcement rather than correction
Shaping a behavior Cueing behaviors Observation Train a Trick

Behaviors that will be taught
Name Response, Down, Mine/Take It, Loose Leash Walking, Recall, Settle, Sit, Targeting, Stay


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