Puppy Services

Puppy Services
We are committed to helping people and their new puppies get off to a great start. The first 20 weeks of a puppy’s life is a crucial time in puppy development. Early socialization and training builds the foundation for a lifetime wonderful relationship between the dog and their owner.

Puppy Class
Puppy Class is for puppies up to 20 weeks of age. The focus of puppy class is to help puppies learn basic skills of giving attention, targeting, coming when called, sit, down, go place and walking on a loose leash. Other skills may include “bring”, drop it” and “leave it”.
Puppy class is for owners as well, Owners will learn about puppy development and socialization including fear periods, how puppies learn and the power of positive training. Every class will include time for special topics related to raising a puppy as well as the prevention and solving of problem behaviors.
Puppy classes will be held two or more times per week and puppies may attend as often as they can. Registration for puppy class is $160.00 for six weeks.

Puppy Playground and Socialization
Puppy Playground and Socialization Class is held weekly for puppies under 20 weeks of age. Puppies will interact with various pieces of play equipment and toys.
Puppies will appropriately interact with other puppies in a safe and supervised environment. Inappropriate play will result in a brief time out and time to settle before returning to the group.
Puppy Playground is a great alternative for young puppies to safely interact with other dogs regardless of the weather at our indoor air conditioned facility. Puppy owners get to socialize and ask questions about puppy raising as well. Toby our senior resident at Puppy Playground will also be available for puppies to safely interact with an adult dog.
Puppy Playground will be held weekly. The fee for Puppy Playground is $15.00 per class or a package of six classes for only $75.00.

In-home Services for Puppies
Private in-home services are available for individuals who may not be able to regularly attend scheduled classes because of their lifestyle and schedules.

411 Taughannock Boulevard, Ithaca, New York 14850


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