In-home Training and Behavior Modification

In-home private evaluation and training is the core service of Russ Hollier Dog Training.

The home is where I have the greatest ability to accurately assess behavior issues and the environment where the dog spends most of their time. The home is also where the owner will be working with their dog on a daily basis.

In-home training allows flexible scheduling of training sessions that will fit your family’s life style. In-home training is individualized and progresses at your pace.

In-home training is best for the dog that is reactive or unfocused and cannot yet successfully participate in a class with other dogs and people.

At home we can address issues of basic manners including jumping on quests, excessive barking, counter surfing, door manners, safety with children, resource guarding and other behaviors that are specific to the home.

In-home training is best for fearful and anxious dogs to begin building confidence before progressing to new environments and the confidence course training.


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