Keep watch for our fall activities.


Yes they will soon be here!                     The fall schedule will include:

  • Puppy Class
  • Foundations Class
  • Canine Good Citizen Prep Class
  • Therapy Dog Class and testing for the National Therapy Dog Registry
  • Pack Walk Class

Individual Classes at 411 Taughannock Boulevard will include:

  • The Confidence Course for fearful, anxious and distracted dogs.
  • Introduction to agility
  • Introduction to nose work

Individual Training at home for dogs that are not class ready or to meet your individual training and scheduling needs.


Pack Walk Class, There is Room for just one more dog.

Luca and Sara W 3

Russ Hollier Dog Training

Pack Walk Class


  • Dogs will learn to give attention to their person while walking with dogs
  • Dogs will learn to walk on a loose leash while walking with dogs
  • People will learn how to manage on leash reactivity
  • People will learn to play the engage / disengage game with their dog

What you will need

  • clicker
  • 6 foot leash
  • Treat pouch
  • A generous supply of high value treats                 Bring more than you think you will need
  • Front attach harness or head halter
  • Water and water bowel

Dates and Times              Class length will be approximately 45 minutes

  • July 20                10:00 AM             Introduction without Dogs
  • July 27                10:00 AM
  • August 3            10:00 AM
  • August 10          No Class
  • August 17          No Class
  • August 24          10:00 AM
  • August 31          9:00 AM               Please note time change
  • September 7    10:00 AM
  • September 1410:00 AM


  • 411 Taughannock Boulevard, we will use the parking lot across the street near the inlet

Class Size            Advanced registration required

  • Maximum of 6


                $99.00 plus tax, = $106.92

Confirm your registration now                607-539-6593


Hey, There is room for one more puppy

Cooper Lory CTimmyBruno 3

Hey, there is room for one more puppy in puppy class!  Our focus in puppy class is on socialization with other dogs and people, giving attention, learning to settle on a mat, walking on lead and body handling. Time is also given to Q&A about puppy behaviors and puppy development.  Call Russ at 607-539-6593  click on CONTACT US at  . No waiting start now.

Thank You Marty Demarest

IMAG0218     A special thanks goes out to Marty Demarest of Finger Lakes Webs! Those of you who had the unfortunate experience of completing my old client forms in the past will be glad to know the forms have been revised and are now available directly from my blog. No more cumbersome email attachments. Marty did a great job setting up the forms and making them easy to use.  Just fill in the fields, click submit and off they go. Also available  is a Behavioral Questionnaire, Incident Report Form and a Photo Use Permission Form. The new forms will streamline our intake process and  jump start our first appointments.




Is your dog difficult to handle during your veterinary visit?

Many dogs are anxious when attending the veterinary visit. These dogs often act aggressively toward their owner, the veterinarian or their staff, As a result the dog may then have to be muzzled or restrained. Being forced to wear a muzzle for the first time or only when visiting the veterinarian can cause even more anxiety and be traumatizing. At Russ Hollier Dog training we can help you have more positive veterinary visits by teaching your dog to wear a muzzle without trauma, wear a head halter and help make going to the veterinary clinic a positive   

I recommend the Baskerville Muzzle to train aggressive dogs, it is comfortable and you can deliver treats to your dog so that you can reinforce positive behaviors.



DMV Gary Landsberg recommends training your dog to wear a Gentler Leader to have more positive veterinary visits.







How do you use your dogs name?


Your dogs name is a cue to give you their attention. Attention is a behavior like sit, down etc. Train your dog for name response by regularly rewarding their response to their name. Avoid using your dogs name to scold your dog, keep their name positive. We often over use our dogs name without positive reinforcement when they respond, when we do this your dog’s name becomes less significant to the dog and it just begins to sound like blah, blah blah to the dog.