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Bones Would Rain from the Sky, Deepening Our relationships with Dogs  

Suzanne Clothier Warner Books Inc. 2002,

I have had the pleasure of attending several trainings by Suzanne Clothier hosted by Guiding Eyes for the Blind.  Suzanne’s wit, wisdom and intuitive connection with animals is expressed in a genuine and unique manner, leading the reader to deepen their perspective and understanding of dogs and how training can happen without coercion or force.

Getting in Ttouch With Your Dog

Linda Tellington Jones,  Trafalgar Square Books, Revised 2012

“Tellington  TTouch Training for dogs is a gentle, respectful method of training honoring the body, mind and spirit of animals and their people. It has four basic components:Body Work called the Tellington Touch; Ground Work exercises called the Playground for Higher Learning; Tellington Training Equipment and  Intention; Holding Positive pictures in your mind of how you want your dog to behave, perform and relate to you.Tellington TTouch enhances learning, behavior performance,health and develops a trusting relationship between dogs and their people.” (pg 3)

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Reaching the Animal Mind, Clicker Training and What It Teaches Us about All Animals
Karen Pryor, Scribner, 2009

Reaching the Animal Mind presents an enjoyable and comprehensive review of Karen Pryor’s life’s work and why clicker training is at the forefront of animal training. Accompanied by a website www.reachingtheanimalmind.com the reader is able to see video of actual training sessions and the effectiveness of using the clicker to mark desired behavior followed by reinforcement.

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Suzanne Clothier

The Connection Collection

Elemental Animal Inc. 2014

20 of Suzanne Clothier’s articles explaining Relationship Centered Training covering the philosophy and many training tips. A must read for anyone interested in understanding and deepening their relationship with their canine companion, prepare to be challenged and inspired.

As people, trying to understand and live with and train dogs and other animals, we remain practitioners, always practicing, always in pursuit of excellence. Excellence is achievable in any given moment, but it is not a destination.  It is a journey of a lifetime, where each step offers us the chance to practice the excellence of that place and time. Suzanne Clothier, pg 158.


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